Looking for a cool place for a get together? Or a place to hang out? Want to impress a date? Need a wicked outfit? The answer to these questions is probably yes, yes and YES.

You are tired of dining at the same restaurants and shopping at the same stores. You want to try something new in a dynamic environment, and you want to be the first one to post about it on Instagram. This is the new retail world. Be the first to find that new fashion store, restaurant or hangout, and tell your friends about it via social media.

Why? As customers, we all want unique experiences in cool environments.

This is why independent retailers and restaurants have taken Toronto by storm in recent years, and particularly in urban centres. And thank gosh they did, because they spice up things up a little.

Beauleigh strives to change the playing field in retail. We understand that this is what customers want and are excited to share with you our new roster of retailers in our upcoming projects. We take pride in having brought many first-to-market retailers to the downtown core and have had the pleasure of working with independents like Belmonte Raw, Pilot, Kupfert and Kim, Maman, Picnic, iQ Food, Greenhouse Juice, Hangar 9, Danish Pastry House, Uncle Tetsu, Urban Herbivore and the list goes on…

What we want you to keep in mind is that this does not mean customers won’t continue to shop or dine at the same stores or restaurants they did before. What it does mean is that they embrace the fact that they have more choices. This creates the diversity which ensures a successful retail environment.

Written by beauleigh