Walls. What are those damn things and why are they getting in the way of me getting to the store next door?

Beauleigh has an announcement to make, so grab the dry wall closest to you. The walls are coming down at First Canadian Place… We’re serious!

Let’s just say you want to have a kick ass Sparta lunch box from iQ Food Co., but you are also craving a Gold Rush pressed juice from Greenhouse Juice. You only have 15 minutes on your lunch and you are going to waste it battling the salmon run in the PATH to satisfy your craving. Well, you can thank us, because you no longer have to!

Welcome to the new world of retail and thinking outside the box! Combine two tenants in one space. Most people would think it’s crazy, but we’re all about crazy ideas. Why? Because they work!

iQ Food Co. and Greenhouse Juice are our first ever team to tear down the walls creating a unique synergistic partnership in the downtown core.

Now open on the Food Terrace at First Canadian Place. Check it out!


Written by beauleigh