In the past we have talked about the evolution of independents and how they continue to change the face of retail in our city. The goal at Union was to create a unique destination celebrating the iconic architecture and history of the station and using it as a backdrop for the redevelopment platform.

Over the past few years we have been focused on curating this unique destination ‎with the selection of the best and brightest independents in the city.  We took an in depth look at what characteristics these up and comers have in common and uncovered the following key elements:

  1.  ‎They exude originality, authenticity and attitude.
  2.  They have the ability to localize by addressing the unique attributes of the neighbourhood they’re in and customizing the experience to connect with their clients.
  3. They build relationships with their customers through individualized customer service. ‎
  4. They have a cool factor.
  5. Shopping is experiential- they create environments ensuring that the customer’s  experience is always priority whether it connects because of the names of the items on the menu, the decor, the lighting, or the staff.‎
  6.  They all have a wow factor.‎
  7. Their concepts are difficult to duplicate because they are so unique.
  8. They always find a way to your heart… and your wallet. ‎


Written by beauleigh