Working with Osmington as the retail consultants on the Union Station project, we have been fortunate enough to meet with some of our city’s best operators. There is not a single person or group of people that we’ve met with who do not have a connection to the station in some way, shape or form.

Whether it be meeting the love of their life in the Great Hall, a memory of arriving in Toronto for the first time, or being one of the 250,000 commuters, we are all somehow connected to Union Station.

This is why we are so passionate about the vision for Union Station. Using this iconic heritage building as the backdrop to showcase the diversity of the 6ix and to present the best of Toronto under one roof, Union Station will become Toronto’s underground city connecting the amazing people who live in it as well as those who visit.

We are lucky enough to hear stories all the time, but every day, past and present, unseen, human moments happen at Union Station and now they’re asking you share these moments with them.

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Watch this charming love story that has stood the test of time via Toronto Union’s #StationStories.

Written by beauleigh