Being part of a niche market, we are often asked “what exactly we do as a company?” Here is a look on how we think, what we do and how we do it.

At Beauleigh we have long been fans and proponents of all that is new, innovative and ground-breaking. We have spent the last 8 years focused on being at the forefront of the retail, cultural and culinary revolution. We’ve travelled extensively in effort to learn and educate ourselves on what the rest of the world is doing, in hopes that we will be able to bring a little bit of what we see, to the projects we handle – collecting intel if you will.

We’ve spent many hours inquisitively and voraciously talking to some of the most talented local food and retail operators that the city and the country has to offer. Out of these collaborative and insightful conversations, ideas are borne, concepts are created and launched, thus becoming the “new” standard. All of this takes months and sometimes even years to come to fruition. In our line of business, patience is indeed a virtue!

In this time thoughts, personalities, will and desire all must align to begin the process that we and the tenant embark upon. It is a journey that although rewarding in the end can have its challenges along the way. It is ultimately the determination and belief in the concept that what is being pursued is right and will not only work but will make a difference. Believing this provides the encouragement to keep pushing through until the concept store opens.

At Beauleigh, we have been fortunate enough to play a role in bringing our knowledge and our collective talents to the properties we have worked on over the years. Often it is quite simply a leap of faith for the entrepreneur and trusting that the environment is right for them, based on that gut feeling, and believing in our years of experience of the industry.

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Beauleigh provides the support, guidance and furnishing facts in order for informed decisions to be made. For the retail or restauranteur they now have the task of creating and envisioning a new concept in a retail environment they’re unfamiliar with. For the landlord it means working closely with an entrepreneur for whom this experience is very personal, as it is the tenant putting his/her name, career and business on the line and taking the risk. Together, the tenant, the landlord and ourselves will begin on what hopefully becomes a successful and rewarding partnership for all parties.

At Beauleigh, the path of least resistance is not an option. We believe that simply being satisfied with the status quo will never result in positive change. We want to constantly push the envelope so that we are on the forefront of change.

To say we are extremely excited about the future of retail is an understatement. There is no doubt that there has been a seismic shift in defining what retail in fact is. Whatever adjectives were previously assigned or aligned with the concept of retail, today no longer applies. It is so much more complicated. There is no cookie cutter formula or approach to achieving a successful retail environment or to creating a successful retail concept. Matching the retail concept to the property, requires a very customized and personalized approach. Some of the amazing and talented operators we have been fortunate enough to bring to our properties have given us much insight into what it takes to get it done.

It is going to require so much more on the part of both landlords and tenants if they want to be part of this inevitable change in the market. The same old attitudes cannot exist if we are to respond to the demands of the new consumer. We have to make room for this new, innovative and creative crop of mostly young, authentic and brilliant entrepreneurs and lay the groundwork for success, not failure. This means working in true partnership and collaboration to ensure everyone’s success.

We're severely out of stock and severely behind on production but also severely illogical which is why today we are giving away (= free) our best-selling, life-changing Hand Chemistry (30ml) in our Toronto Exchange Tower store. We have reserved quite a few but it goes without saying that this gift is available while stock lasts in store. Do you have to make a purchase? No. Do you have to visit the store to get it? Yes. Why are we doing it? To celebrate the beauty of illogical thinking (it's liberating in the world of business). A month ago, our Exchange Tower store hadn't been born yet, but somehow it's now become our top store in Canada (on its own without the help of a free hand cream). ❤️🐒 [ Very happy/sad update: so many of you showed us love far more quickly than we could imagine and we ran out of stock ay 11am. Please don't scream at the cozy people at the store and instead vent on here so we can all get what we deserve. 😢 ]

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Introducing some of the names retailers and restaurants that have played a huge part in transforming Toronto’s financial core . . .

Kid Lee
Calii Love
King Taps
Lahuna Poke
iQ Food and Greenhouse Juice
Pilot Coffee
Forno Cultura
Nori Japan
Drake General Store (from pop-up to permanent location)
Early Bird (coming soon)
Porchetta & Co. (coming soon)



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