The summer might be coming to an end, but the sun never stops shining with Gypsy Soul. Gypsy Soul is one of our two winners of the Free Pop-Up Space competition at Manulife Place, Edmonton. With only 1 week until the opening, we wanted to introduce you to the company’s founders, Brandi and Chelsea. We sat down with the ladies and talked about the company and all the exciting things they have planned for the pop-up space.  

Beauleigh:  Who is Gypsy Soul? Can you give us some background information on the creators of the company?

Chelsea + Brandi: Gypsy Soul is a lifestyle brand that is based on an unconventional style of living, being a free spirit, someone who loves to travel and going on adventures! We started Gypsy Soul almost 6 years ago now, the two of us met at a music festival in BC which was crazy because we had both grown up in Edmonton with all the same mutual friends. We both had our own little brands and we decided to plan a trip to India in search of fabrics. We had no intentions of starting another company together but we found this amazing fabric and we were inspired to start Gypsy Soul while in India. We then found this incredible silk shop in Goa, India so we ended up bringing home a 5 piece collection. We opened a little showroom in Chelsea’s house and booked appointments and in a couple of weeks, we had sold out of all our pieces. After that, we decided to explore working on a Kimono and that was one of our first big pieces that really put us on the map. A lot of people told us what we were doing was too ‘niche’ or a ‘fad’ and funny enough that year Chanel hosted their first Bohemian runway show and the ‘Boho’ trend took off.

Beauleigh: What an exciting journey for you both. What is something you have learned along the way, getting where you are now?

Chelsea + Brandi: One of the things we have learned in the last 6 years is to always stay on brand and stay true to who you are. People can really tell that when they see us, we live our brand. It hasn’t been easy and sometimes we had to say no to big opportunities, for example, a company wanted us to reproduce and replicate our hand died silk which is a one of a kind product where no two pieces are the same. For us, we didn’t want to dilute our brand like that and a businesses associate, Jamie from One Teaspoon said to us “for no amount of money do you go against what aligns you with your brand” and we have really tried to stay true to that. It’s really about the sustainability of it all – we are doing something that we love and at the end of the day we are the lucky ones.

Beauleigh: Why did you choose to participate in the Manulife Place Pop-Up Competition?

Chelsea + Brandi: We were looking in Edmonton recently to find a commercial space to set up a shop and checked out a couple different places and nothing really seemed right. We have such a loyal following in Edmonton and such a great support network and really wanted to open a shop where we grew up. We weren’t sold on any of the places we looked at and then a friend of ours tagged us in the Manulife Place Facebook post for the competition and we were both so excited to apply! We sent in our application and sure enough about a week later we found out we had made top 3 and then Beauleigh calls and said we had won! We were honestly so excited about it as it is such an amazing opportunity for us in such a great place. Being from Edmonton it means the world to us!

Beauleigh: Give us a preview of what is to come! What are you most excited to feature at the Manulife Place Pop-Up Space?

Chelsea + Brandi: We have so many fun pieces in the works for this shop! A couple pieces are going to be exclusively available just for the pop-up. We will be working with a couple of our favourite Edmonton designers to design some exclusive pieces with them. We really want to tie in the art and fashion community of Edmonton with our designs, and giving these designers a space to showcase their work. We have also been curating a vintage collection that will be available as well as vintage homeware pieces.

We couldn’t be more excited to see what Gypsy Soul has in store for their pop-up space. We’ll see you all there on Sept 7!


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Image Credits

Photography by: @whitewillow_fashion

Makeup by: @missymackintosh

Models: @sidneysauve_  @dejavumodelmgmt

Written by beauleigh